Silver Lining Aviation
How to make a flight happen
Just purchase a voucher from Groupon, Living Social or Amazon local discount
coupon sites or contact us directly to
schedule your appointment to fly. The pilot will
meet you at the airport for memories that will last a lifetime. Upon your arrival you will
receive basic flight instruction and sign a waiver.  Each introductory flight is one hour
with the first 15 minutes of instruction, 30 minutes of flight and 15 minutes of post
flight discussion.

About the Aircraft
The weight shift aircraft is one of the safest forms of aviation in the sky by design. A
hang glider style wing is used so the aircraft has an incredible glide ratio. In addition,
Silver Lining Aviation has the latest safety technology on each aircraft in the fleet and
each aircraft is regularly inspected for compliance with FAA Light Sport Standards.
Silver Lining Aviation also equips each aircraft beyond minimum safety standards by
installing ballistic recovery parachutes in each aircraft.

About your first flight
The flight can be between 500 and 10,000 feet but it really depends on your comfort
level and weather conditions. We can also fly between 50-105 mph! You will wear a
headset so you can talk to the pilot during flight.
Due to the fact this is a push
style aircraft we can not allow video equipment, cell phones, or other
recording equipment to fly with us.
Anything that gets dropped will pass through
the propeller and cause significant damage to the aircraft and will cause an
unscheduled landing.  We have two go pro cameras mounted on the aircraft so a
video of your flight is available for a nominal fee.

Preparation for the flight
Schedule the flight from our schedule page and sign the waiver prior to flight! Bring
warm clothes and be on time! We have the ability to fly up to 10,000 feet and it can
get very cold when flying at higher elevations in the summer. A good rule of thumb to
follow is that it will be 20 Degrees colder than the temp on the ground. If the weather
source claims it will be 70 Degrees the day of the flight dress for 50 Degrees. Also flip
flops and phones are not allowed as they can fall off in flight and pass through the
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Video of a typical Introductory Flight
Where we will fly from
Silver Lining Aviation typically departs from rural general aviation airports
throughout the country. To see an updated list visit

Who is the pilot?
All Silver Lining Aviation pilots have thousands of hours in the category of
aircraft they fly. They have experience flying in every kind of weather
condition possible. Each pilot practices daily emergency procedures and
holds the highest pilot certifications offered by the Federal Aviation
Administration. They are also members of the FAA FAST Team.